At Morecc, we believe that “understanding baking” is vital to supplying products of value. By observing the various types of bread sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retailers, we realized that the baking industry was looking for ways to improve and develop their manufacturing systems to deliver quality products quickly.

Paccat Baker, one of our original products, is a line of non-stick coated foil containers that provides baking industries here in Japan with the efficient, clean, and safe baking performance they desire, in addition to reducing their production costs.

With Paccat Baker, there is no need to apply release agents, such as oil, before baking. This results in beautifully shaped breads that are also healthier. Paccat Baker makes it easy to bake anywhere from a single piece to 100,000 pieces of bread, allowing you to develop new types of bread more easily.

Tomonari Hara
President of Morecc Co., Ltd.